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4th Treatment for Medical Refugees by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu
Newest Research on the Effects of the Biomat

Since the Biomat is on the cutting edge of health technology, there hasn't been a lot of long-term evidence of it's beneficial effects on the body. But recently, a renowned doctor in Japan, Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, has recently completed a book that details several studies he was involved in with the Biomat. Former director of one of Japan's leading hospitals, Dr. Yoshimizu outlines the effects that thermotherapy with the Biomat has on, in particular, cancer.

"Western medicine approaches problems from the symptoms that disease shows. However, Eastern medicine focuses on removing the cause before starting the treatment. It is important to remove toxic substances, dioxins, and food additives from the body. This treatment is called detoxification. By promoting the secretion of toxic materials in sweat and urine, we can activate the physical function that overcomes the disease. This is called natural immunity. People with natural immunity are not affected by cancer and virus intrusions. The detoxification treatment removes the causes of various diseases. When we combine it with immune reinforcement treatment and thermotherapy, our body will return to it's original state. Our goal is not to cure diseases. We only help the body return to it's natural state. Your own natural immunity will be the player that cures your incurable disease." - Nobuhiro Yoshimizu


If you would like to download Dr. Yoshimizu's book, CLICK HERE.

Biomats can be prescribed by a doctor and most insurance companies will reimburse.
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How is the Biomat part of the 4th Treatment?

Western medicine recognizes three treatments for cancer: Radiation, Chemotherapy and Surgery. Yet, it has been proven that a one degree change in body temperature results in 40% better immunity and 43° Celsius results in cancer cell death.

Our bodies hover between 35° and 36° Celsius. As our lifestyle effects our lives, our body temperatures drop. Bad diet, lack of exercises and everyday air we breathe in cities effects our body temperatures. Heating your body up to 43° Celsius would kill all of the cells, even the healthy ones, in your body. However, making sure your body is on the 36 ° side of the spectrum dramatically (40%) increases your natural immunity to cancer. In his case studies, Dr. Yoshimizu uses the Biomat to help, along with sauna and chemotherapy (50% as much as Western medicine on average uses) as "thermotherapy" to raise the body temperature. As a result, his case studies show tumors shrinking and even disappearing. And he does this with a wide range of different cancers. The problem with Western treatments for cancer is that all are harmful to the human body. With thermotherapy, there is no harm, only healing, of the body. Thus, there is no reason not to include it as a treatment.

"When a cancer cell's DNA is damaged by radiation or chemotherapy, it will become week for a period of time, but will soon recover. However, when the cells reach 42° in temperature, their repair functions will be disabled and they will die off. Even if they resist heat for a short period of time, repetitive treatment will cause it's resistance to weaken. Therefore, repetitive treatment will cause immune functions to improve and cause the cancer cells to die away."

"It has been certified that use of the Biomat improves back pain, insomnia, arthritis, neurotic pain, and other symptoms. We use this device to weaken the cancer cells by heating up the body and reinforcing the immune system." - Thermotherapy, The Fourth Treatment For Medical Refugees" by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu.

If you know someone with cancer, order them a Professional Biomat today.
Dr. Yoshimizu searches for the right device to help in his fight against cancer

"We have searched the entire nation to find a device that is cheaper than the Thermotron but can achieve the same heating effect...we were lucky enough to find a device called the "Biomat" that uses hot gemstone therapy. This Biomat allows the user to adjust the temperatures with the range of 35-70° C. When the Biomat is set at 35° C during sleep, it aids the body to achieve an autonomic nervous system balance...When we started using this device, our treatment results started to increase dramatically. There were cases where breast cancer and prostate cancer completely disappeared within 2 to 3 months of treatment. It not only cures cancer, but it is also able to have a curative effect on diabetes, hypertension, cerebral ischemia and depression as well...The two major features are the far infrared ray and negative ion effects."

All of the quotes contained on this page can be found in Dr. Yoshimizu's book entitled "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees," published in 2009.

In another recent study, Dr. George Grant shows how the Biomat can reduce stress by 78%. Download here.


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